Saturday, 1 October 2011

To become friends with the dog is the first aim of the dog training

Take your dog outside every day at the same time and after a while he will get used to it. There will be no spoiled carpets, because the dog will wait for you. Get dog health information and tips and of course, the dog training is necessary, because if your dog is obedient, you shouldn't worry and scream at him, when your dog does something wrong or dangerous.
Be patient and consistent during your dog training. Don't become disappoint if the dog doesn't obey your dog training commands at once. Your dog training have to be like a game for you and your dog. The dog training must be a pleasure for your pet. Reward your pet every time he follows your command. While treating him with tasty things, say him “Good dog” in a happy voice. If you want to use any dog training supply that will also encourage your dog, the clicker dog training is the best choice for you. This dog training method is very humane for the dogs. Using this method, you will achieve success in your dog training more quickly.

There is also a great number of different dog training tips and equipment that will help you. Among them are different dog training collars. There is a great range of various models to choose from. There are three types of electronic dog training collar: basic, multiple and advanced. If you have one dog and are not going to use the dog training collar for a great distance, the basic model will be the most convenient for you.

Dog agility training is the other type of dog training. There are several limits for participating in agility dog training, such as age of your dog and his ability for teamwork. The agility dog training is usually held in the open areas, at parks or stadiums. The reward method is the most appropriate for this kind of dog training.

If you don't have much time for your dog training, there is a lot of different dog training schools, where you may learn all the useful dog training tips. When you decide to have a dog, don't forget that they are the sociable animals and it is very necessary for them to spend the most part of their time with people.